February 2, 2010

Upgrading MT3 Templates to MT 4.0

Upgrading Your MT3 Templates to Movable Type 4.0 | - Home of the MT Community

"...Paginate Your Category Archives ¶

The first thing to make the changes necessary to paginate your category archives.

1. Navigate to the edit screen for your Date-Based Archive template. At the bottom of the page click the "Create New Archive Mapping" button.
2. Select "Category Monthly" (or Daily, Weekly or Yearly)
3. Click the "Add" button

Edit Your Category Archive Template ¶

Now, let's reduce the number of entries that get displayed on your Category Archive pages to decrease the time it takes to publish them.

1. Edit your Category Archive template.
2. Look for the tag found in that template and change it to or

Setting limit to "auto" limits the output to the number of entries or the number of days of entries specified as the Entry Listing Default in Entry Settings. Specifing a specific number limits the output to that number of entries. The limit modifier is only available in the context of an archive template.
Link to Your New Archives ¶

Now that your category archives do not display the entire contents for that category, you will need to provide links to the category archives. The following code will produce an index of the various months within the current category that have entries available:


Place this code at bottom of your Category Archive template. An advanced option would be to place this code in a conditioned block of code in a sidebar template; find an example of this code in one of the sidebar templates of the MT4 default blog templates.
Create a Page Archive Template ¶

To take advantage of Movable Type's Pages feature, you will need to create a page archive template and mapping.

1. Create a new archive template called "Page"
2. Copy the contents of the "Individual Entry Archive" template in to the new "Page" template
3. At the bottom of the template click the "Create New Archive Mapping" button.
4. Select "Page" and click "Add"
5. Save the template
6. Now when you create new pages, they will use this template.

You can optionally use an adapted version of the Individual Archive Template for your pages...."

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